General SEO Timeline

Online Marketing

Initial SEO requires 6 months. Below is an example of monthly activities for the initial 6 months of SEO. Individual tasks may be re-prioritized during the optimization, but these are the basic building blocks for most SEO campaigns.

SEO Months 1-2

Local Markup factors are emphasized during the first months of Optimization.

Onsite Optimization

  • Canonical Tags
  • Robots.txt
  • XML, ROR, TEXT & HTML Sitemaps
  • Meta Tag Orginization
  • On-Page/Local Optimization
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Tracking & Analytics

External Optimization

  • Industry Specific Directory Submissions
  • Submission to Free Directories
  • Premium Directory Submissions

SEO Months 3-4

As the SEO work progresses, focus slowly shifts towards the Off-site SEO elements or additional onsite updates.

Onsite Optimization

  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • On-Page Optimization
  • W3C Validation
  • Internal Link Relations & Optimization
  • On-Page/Local Optimization

External Optimization

  • Link Development (Backlinks)
  • Social Bookmarking (Phase 2)
  • Local Search Engine Submissions
  • Organization of Articles & Press Releases
  • Article Writing
  • Content Writing, Video & Rich Media Stratagies.

SEO Months 5-6

Nearing the end of Initial SEO, emphasis is increasingly placed on Off-site factors.

Onsite Optimization

  • RSS Feed Development & Inclusion
  • Image/Object ALT & TITLE Optimization
  • Content & Markup Optimization

External Optimization

  • Link Development (Phase 2)
  • Submission to Free Directories (Phase 2)
  • Additional Search Engine Submissions (Phase 2)
  • Social Bookmarking (Phase 3)
  • Article Distribution
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Video & Rich Media Distribution

Not Sure About What You Need?

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